LASIK Refractive Surgery

A safer and more accurate LASIK option

What is iLASIK Refractive Surgery?

iLASIK surgery can reduce – and often eliminate – dependence on eyeglasses or contacts. The iLASIK procedure exclusively uses an advanced technology called the IntraLase™ Method. This method is a 100% blade-free approach to refractive surgery. iLASIK technology delivers outstanding visual results with more patients achieving vision that is 20/20 or better when the IntraLase Method is used. In some cases, other procedures like PRK, Phakic IOL, or Refractive Lens Exchange may be better suited for a particular patient.

What We Do

Dr. Haines is the first physician in the Eugene area to use the latest iLASIK technology. Dr. Haines performs iLASIK surgery through Oregon iLASIK & Refractive, which is located next door to The Eye Center office in Eugene. Oregon iLASIK & Refractive provides a premium, full service experience that is guaranteed to deliver an unforgettable experience, from the time you walk in through our doors, to the time you open your eyes to crystal clear vision.


Patient Testimonials

If you would like to watch and listen to what some of our patients have had to say about their experience, and their results.