Serving the Greater Good

Serving something greater than ourselves is no mere pastime for us. It’s one of our 4-Values because we consider it a human obligation to give back to the greater good. We have several stories that we can share about how we do this, but one of our biggest philanthropic endeavors is through Dr. Haines’ Give Me Sight Foundation.

Dr. John Haines has been conducting no-cost eye surgeries in developing nations since 1991. In that time he has performed more than 2000 surgeries in 11 countries. Many of the people who have benefitted from these surgeries were blind for decades. In 2011 Dr. Haines and his wife, Joy, founded the Give Me Sight Foundation to dedicate even more time, resources and donation funding to the cause of restoring the gift of sight for medically underserved populations in developing nations around the world. The essence of this foundation can be found in its Manifesto, which reads:

“Our principle goal is to bring the gift and beauty of eyesight to as many medically underserved people around the world as possible. Furthermore, we will continuously endeavor to deliver this care with the highest level of quality to, and with the deepest amount of empathy and respect for, all whom we serve.”

To learn more about the Give Me Sight Foundation, and how to contribute to our cause, simply visit or ‘like’ our Facebook page to keep apprised of all our developments.